What Our Customers Are Saying...

Tried your stuff.

There are no words to express my satisfaction with your product.

I have used it less than a month, and it really does what I was told it does, and more.

I have osteo-arthritis in both knees, my right shoulder and lower back. When it kicks up this lotion penetrates fast and releieves even faster.Works better than the chemicals the doctors have been giving.

I also have diabetic neuropathy, hands and feet, I figured "What the heck, I'll try it." I get sharp pains on occasion and they can keep me from sleeping. It doesn't relieve all the pain, but it does make it bearable. It's easier to get to sleep at night, and fall back if I wake up.

I'm only 59, will be 60 this year, but this is the best I have felt in a long time.

Tell people to be careful, they'll be tempted to overdue (guilty)

Gerald B.   Benton Harbor , MI.   Mar. 4, 2009

I am 47 years old and have suffered with Fibromyalgia for 13 years. I also have bursitis in my hips and neuropathy in my feet. I saw your Fibromyalgia and Arthritis lotion at my local feed store and thought what the heck, I had nothing to lose.

As soon as I got home I used a small amount on my hip, low back and arms where the pain had been intense. In just a few minutes, I could tell a BIG difference! In all my years of being treated by various drugs, narcotics, pain patches etc, I have never had this kind of relief. I did have to learn fairly quickly that a little bit goes a long way.

There is no possible way to thank you for making this lotion. It really has changed how I can live my life.

Catherine Winegard


Catherine Winegard

Due to budget cuts at my work place I have recently lost my insurance no insurance…no medication for my fibromyalgia. One day my daughter brought home a bottle of your product and handed it to me. I read the bottle, noticed the name and asked where she had purchased it…well it turns out she bought it at a Feed Store now I’m thinking it’s a joke…ha she is calling me an old Goat. I didn’t give it much thought until one evening I was miserable and gave it a try. OH MY GOSH it really works.

Thank you so much for this product.

Jaynee Langley

Jaynee Langley

The muscles across my back get so bad that I can hardly breathe. I call it “breathing pain” Ur lotion takes the pain away almost immediately! It’s the ONLY thing I have ever found that relieves the pain from FMS!

We have just ordered 2 large bottles.

Thank you so much for making the product!

Shan C. Griffith

Louisville, KY

Shan C. Griffith

Good Morning!

I wanted to email and let you know that I purchased your lotion to use on my foot for the pain and inflammation after struggling with a stress fracture. The fracture was healed but the pain and inflammation was still keeping me from being able to walk on my foot or wear normal shoes. Within 5 minutes after rubbing the lotion on my foot, the swelling went down so much I had to tighten the laces on my shoes that I had on. The pain was subsiding also. I was told that it takes about 2 years to really recover from a stress fracture...guess they didn't have the secret weapon of Two Old Goats Lotion. I have since shared your lotion and my story with several people and have had about 20 people purchase your lotion so far and they are just as amazed as I am with it.

Thank you for providing a non-narcotic way to deal with pain and inflammation. I am one who does not like or want to take medication if it can be avoided. The natural ingredients in your product make it easier to use and the scent is wonderful.


Your devoted customer

Abbe D Weaver.

Abbe D. Weaver

I have to be the greatest champion of your products, Last year I was in a bad car accident being hit in the rear end by a driver doing over 70 on a straight stretch of highway. I was doing around 40 watching for storms as it was storming really bad that day. It was the Monday after Easter. I had severe back injuries and injuries to my right hand as I reached for the dash as I was struck. I suffered a deep bone and tendon bruise between my small finger and my wrist, being on Oxycodin and Hydrocodone for months I still sit and cried with pain in my hand nearly every night. I went to the doctor and ask if he could cut the nerves in my hand or just take off the hand as I could not take the pain any more.

A few days later after considering having my hand cut off I came across your lotion in our farm supply store. I thought what could it hurt to try this. A friend of mine manages the store and he said several people swore by this stuff. After using it twice in one night the pain was gone, now I use it once a day or once every other day and the pain stays gone. I tell everyone I know about this stuff as the greatest thing I have ever had for pain.

I now use your bar soap and have never felt so clean as I truck farmer I and come in really dirty most nights. My mother in law uses it now and she also thinks it works miracles. Thanks for the products as it has really helped me through some bad times. I just wish more doctors would find and recommend these products. I know what pain is and know that this stuff works where others even prescriptions don’t .  Just wanted to thank you for your product. I will endorse this anytime if you wish for us to do it.  Again thanks for a great product.

Ken Landreth

Ken Landreth

I want to thank all of you for making this. My knee is almost pain free. No more stiffness in the morning or on a long ride. I have shared most of it with friends and family, so I need a bottle fo myself.

Again a BIG thanks!!!   

Rebecca Jackson

Rebecca Jackson

I purchased a bottle of Two Old Goats from my local feed store here in Houston. I work full time in retail and have arthritis in my right knee and left foot.

I went back to work after 3 months of being off and since I can no longer take over the counter pain medications, I was in horrible pain when I got home yesterday. I have had your product for almost a month but since I haven't worked, I had not tried it.

I put Two Old Goats on my foot and knee and the relief was quick and effective. I could not believe it! I quickly  discovered the areas where I had missed putting the lotion...it still hurt. But, after covering all the area that was aching, it relieved the pain considerably and I was able to fall right to sleep. I just put some more lotion on my knee as I have to work today and plan to take the bottle with me.

The feed store only has a few small bottles left so I just ordered two 8oz bottles online. I don't want to run out of this stuff any time soon. I have nothing but praise for Two Old Goats.

PS: Are there any plans for offering a bigger bottle anytime in the future?

Louise Eberhart

I am 33 yrs old and I suffer from fibromyalgia syndrome, a recent anterior cervical disc fusion on two levels and I am also plagued with many conditions that come with fibromyalgia. I am very sensitive to eucalyptus it gives me too much of a burning sensation. My little brother was in Potetz hardware store of all places when he saw a bottle of your lotion and yes we made fun of it because it is called Two Old Goats but never did I imagine when he rubbed it on my neck and shoulders for me how wonderful it would feel!

I guess the saying that (nessecity is the mother of all invention) is true. I am truly sorry that Karen suffers from pain but I am thankful that such a wonderful product came of it! I am telling my rheumatologist and physical therapist!

Thank you very much and God Bless! 

Peggy Clements Tarkington Prarie Texas

I tried the sample bottle of Arthritis & Fibromyalgia Essential Lotion on the check-out counter of M-G Building Supplies. The Osteo-arthritis in my thumbs was immediately relieved, but I thought, "No, I am just imagining it" My husband finished paying for his lumber order and walked up. I said, "Where do you hurt that we can try this Lotion?".

He replied, "All over". Since he couldn't strip at the checkout counter, he pulled up the leg of his overalls and I rubbed it on the knee he had been complaining about for days. He said,"Wow" and reached over and got a bottle for each of us! I especially like it for the neuropathy in my feet. I put it on at bedtime and if the pain wakes me up, I just rub a little on and go back to sleep; instead of getting up and walking as I previously had to do. 

Paula Perry Rio Frio, Texas

I had an inflammation of my hip and sciatic nerve in my right leg and it is helping to ease
the pain tremendously. Also my husbands ankles and hip that have arthritis. He is back
to walking 3 miles.

Betty W., Las Vegas, NV............

I really love your product. For the first time in 4 years I sleep 4-5 hours straight. I have

severe RA, homebound and use a walker or wheelchair. I have tried every product

available, yours works! Thank you!

Michalene D., Bulls Gap, TN

When I first saw the lotion on your site, I thought to myself "Yeah sure!!!" But when you have a lot of pain you are willing to try anything. So, I did and it really helped the pain in my thumbs. Thank you so much for making it available to me.

Bonnie N., Davison, MI

Referred by a friend, I was so happy to discover the Essential Lotion. It has been a tremendous help in fighting the effects of arthritis in my hands. Glad to find it.

Joyce P., Corpus Christi, TX

Your product helps my legs to relax and believe me that really helps if you have the condition that my legs have. So thank you!

Edith W., Delta, CO

I keep a bottle of the goat lotion with me at work and use it regularly. My hands are frequently in water, so I depend on the lotion to keep my hands soft and moisturized. When applied it soaks in quickly with no greasiness. Works great for me.

Cecelia E., Weslasco, TX

The Essential Lotion is great for gentle massage on swollen ankles, knees, or any other sore or painful area. Love the gentle, delicate fragrance; the mild aroma has a tranquil, calming effect. Nice to use at bedtime. Fantastic for easing the ache and pain of arthritis. Also use the lotion regularly to give my skin a smooth, silky feel. Best moisturizer I've ever used!

Janice P., Austin, TX

I began using the Essential Lotion for the arthritis in my hands. I am so pleased with the relief it has given me. The lotion is so soothing; it really softens dry skin. The longer I use it, the more uses I find for it.

Peggy Z., Austin, TX

From a skeptic, buy the rub, it works! Will buy again, only a larger size!

Gina S., Shepherdsville, KY

I LOVE IT! This arthritis hand cream really works, Everyone should have this in their home and purse, I will order again.

Kathy B., Burlington, IA

Wonderful item, definitely buy again, thanks.

Larry R., Rockwood, TX

Great lotion.

Deana M., Mountain Ranch, CA

I'm a fitness instructor in Houston, Texas, who teaches hardcore Pilates,
Yoga, and Weight Lifting to packed classes. People love to work hard down
there, so I get a lot of students who ask what they can do for their
perpetual soreness. I ALWAYS recommend three things--walking to loosen up
the lactic acid, water to flush it out, and TWO OLD GOATS. It has become a
running joke among all my hundreds of students. But, man, does it work! I
have no idea what you put in that stuff, but it relieves all my aches and
pains, which as you might imagine, are plentiful. Everyone who tries it
gets more. Then they thank ME for recommending it! So I'd like to thank
you--for making me look up, and more importantly, feel fantastic. Â

Stacey Keith

Stacey Keith

I consider you good friends I’ve never met. My daughter bought my husband and I some Two Old Goats. We both have arthritis. A lot of products claim results. Yours actually delivers. It works so fast, it is amazing and the pain relief lasts a long time. We cannot say enough good things about Old Goats.

Jan House

Liberty Texas

Jan House